About Real Estate Business Academy

Licensing courses are offered to the public to satisfy the educational requirements for licensure by the appropriate jurisdictions. The content coverage is guided by state licensing requirements and designed to provide a quality educational preparation for licensed activities in the Real Estate business. The primary focus is on providing the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to protect the public in its dealings with Real Estate professionals. The course is designed to take a student with no background knowledge of the subject to a level of knowledge that is acceptable to operate in a professional manner in the industry. To meet these overall objectives, the course of study will provide (among others):

·       a thorough understanding of the legal underpinnings of Real Estate practice and a working knowledge of specific relevant laws and regulations

·       a working knowledge of the principles and practice necessary to engage in the Real Estate business

·       an appreciation for and a thorough knowledge of the responsibilities owed to customers, clients and other professionals in the Real Estate business

Continuing education courses are offered to licensees to enhance their professionalism, thereby fostering the protection of the public, by:

·       acquiring new knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the conduct of their duties

·       refreshing their knowledge of core principles and practices

·       advancing their knowledge of selected advanced topics

·       acquiring updated knowledge of content topics that change over time

The acquisition of this information is provided in the context of an educational methodology that insures that the material is:

·       understood at a conceptual level

·       able to be used in a fluent manner by the learner

·       able to be applied to practical situations

Finally, each online real estate course is designed to document the attainment of mastery is and evaluated objectively and quantitatively to ensure that transfer of knowledge occurs.